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What to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

  • Without a doubt, Hoi An is my favourite Vietnamese…scratch that…South East Asian destination.


    Treated as just a stop-over originally in my Vietnam travels in May 2012, I soon fell in love with the place and stayed on longer than expected.


    Why was Hoi An so awesome?


    Set on the coast of the South China Sea, Hoi An is recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage site that preserves an example of a South-East Asian trading port dating back to the 15th Century. The beautiful buildings and its quirky street plan definitely shows the influences that both the locals and foreigners placed upon this sleepy city to combine together into a must place to stay. Drinking a hot Vietnamese coffee (it’s delicious, trust me) in one of the open courtyards is further enhanced as you gaze admiringly at the unique architecture making you feel you are in a special place.



    But Hoi An isn’t just about wandering the streets, there are a gazillion of things to do.


    Cua Dai Beach


    Hire a bike for the day and follow the locals to their most kept secret of Hoi An – Cua Dai Beach. Sunbathe to your heart’s content and don’t forget to try the yummy beachside cooked chicken lemongrass meals.




    For the best meals, take a wander down the riverfront set in the heart of the city. Market stalls line the banks, best viewed at night when the lit lanterns cast a homely glow on the hubbub of locals and foreigners mixing together, fantastically observed whilst tucking in to your Pho Soup.





    Hoi An is unarguably the best place to fill your wardrobe. Cheap, affordable and good quality, the tailors of Hoi An will surely strike you a good deal to make the clothes you wear fit to your body shape. Wow, your friends back home with a fashion show and watch their eyes turn green with envy.



    Japanese Culture

    Walk across the Japanese bridge, a unique covered structure, with a Buddhist pagoda attached to one side and observe the ancient traditions and culture there. If that’s not to your taste, take a trip out of Hoi An to My Son, a cluster of abandoned and ruined Hindu temples dedicated to the god, Shiva, and enjoy the sunrise over these ancient buildings dated older than Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.



    It was to my sadness that I left to continue my Asian travels but a piece of my soul will always remain in this place. Thanks Hoi An. You’ve been tremendous.


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